FINALLY! Learn How YOU Can Live PAIN FREE Even When Surgery and Everything Else FAILS!

The TRUTH About How To Avoid Pain Even If You've Tried Other Methods!

Is everyday a struggle for you? From dealing with the pain to dealing with a bottle of pain pills. Getting up takes a huge amount of effort and sitting down is even worst. Driving a car seems more like a torture session than sitting in a highly tuned machine.

It wasn't too long ago that I was just like you. Living with pain. Mine was from MS. I knew there had to be a better way. And guess what, THERE IS! What I didn't know at the time was that it wasn't about one miracle cure that would take the pain away but several small changes that I needed to make every day that had a dramatic effect that eliminated my PAIN!

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Here's What We Cover In
Drug Free Pain Relief:

  • How I Beat MS!
  • The Power Of Pain!
  • The Power Of Correcting Body Alignment
  • The Perils of Poor Posture
  • Made To Move - Move It Or Lose It!
  • What You Put In Your Mouth Counts!
  • Beware The Toxic Environment
  • Relax & Take A Big Breath
  • Be The Victor Not The Victim!
  • Support At Home

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  • It always amazes me how great I feel after a Bowen treatment. I always go in with a stiff neck and shoulders, sore back or hips out and after a treatment I can always more freely and after 12-24 hours I wouldn't even know I had a problem. Thank you Suzanne. I will certainly be coming back!
    Gayle Shannen
      Gayle Shannen
  • Suzanne has helped our entire family over a number of years. We were all doubtful about Bowen Therapy but Suzanne's treatments have proved it was not mind over matter when my disbelieving menfolk came out recommending the treatment to others. I have also found Suzanne's expertise in Essential Oils valuable addition to our general health and pain relief when necessary. Highly recommend.
    Terri Watts
      Terri Watts
  • I've had several treatments with Suzanne. Each time I leave feeling lighter and have a noticeable reduction in body tension. As a military veteran, I've experienced the symptoms of PTSD and believe that Bowen Therapy is useful in the management of anxiety?stress related body tension. I also noticed a decrease in pain from previous injuries.
    Chris T-Lang
      Chris T-Lang
  • Suzanne provided an excellent experience to me with the Thought Field Therapy. You can be treated and adapt techniques without the clinical observation environment. It's calming and judgment free.
    Shauna Dooley
      Shauna Dooley

About Suzanne McTier-Browne

Having studied numerous natural therapies such as Bowen Technique, Reflexology (including baby Reflexology), Remedial Massage, Thought Field Therapy, Emmett Technique, Tensegrity Medicine and Acupressure, Suzanne is passionate about empowering and helping people to move freely, improve energy and mental clarity so they can enjoy life stress and pain free!

At the age of 22, Suzanne was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At the time, there were no treatments for the life-threatening disease. Given just 12 months to live, she began conducting her own research and thanks to her personal initiative and specific natural therapies, she overcame MS.

Just one year later she contracted Ross River Fever which she also overcame using similar strategies. Having survived trauma and illnesses in her own life, her mission now is to empower and support people in improving their own health and wellness.

After a successful 19-year career in business management, Suzanne worked as the Bowen Therapist at two medical practices before deciding to start her own business in natural therapies. Through her Good Health & Pain Relief Clinic in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, Suzanne has been able to assist more than 3,000 clients relieve their pain and stress.

In addition to her training and more than 20 years of experience as a therapist, Suzanne holds a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Journalism, Japanese, and Communications. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Management and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Suzanne’s professional associations include The Bowen Association of Australia, The Reflexology Association of Australia, and Massage & Myotherapy Australia (previously the Australian Association of Massage Therapists).

Suzanne McTier-Browne is the author of the book ‘Drug Free Pain Relief’ and lives in Queensland, Australia.

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